Health Problems That Untreated Allergies May Cause

Some people would only consult a doctor once they develop a terminal illness or a serious health complication. They never consider allergies as health issues that demand the attention of their doctors. The truth is that prolonged exposure to pets, mold, pollen as well as other allergens could compromise your health in a great way. Although you know how to manage your allergic conditions, it is good to consult Hudson Valley top doctors especially when allergy symptoms get stronger over time. Untreated allergies are a probable cause of skin and respiratory health problems such as:

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Lung disease

Untreated allergies have subjected many people to asthmatic attacks. People with asthma look sicker most of the time and the asthma attacks they experience are life-threatening. People with extreme exposure to allergens may develop a chronic lung inflammation known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis. If chronic lung inflammation is not treated in good time, it leads to reduced lung function and eventually permanent lung damage. If you usually have some allergic symptoms, it is good to locate the best doctors in your area to control the condition before it worsens.

Skin infections

Prolonged allergies could cause skin infections. Dermatitis is one of the skin disorders that are allergy-related and its symptoms worsen if no medical attention is given. Dermatitis worsens if the patient is exposed to substances such as certain plants, essential oils, and latex among others. It is true that most of the skin allergies fade with time. However, they are bound to recur in a more oppressive manner later in life. According to most Hudson Valley top doctors, prolonged exposure to allergens causes neurodermatitis or chronic skin irritation if the slight allergy signs are ignored.

Sinus infection

Your respiratory system is not safe if you are exposed to airborne allergens such as dust mites, cat dander, mold spores and ragweed pollen among others. These allergens lead to symptoms such as congestion, runny nose, and sneezing, which are in most cases associated with classic hay fever. Although you may ignore these symptoms, the top doctors in Castle Connolly warn that long-term allergies may develop if ignored. Frequent allergic reactions weaken your immune system. This eventually leads to ear infections and fungal or bacterial sinus.

Lung infection

The long-term allergies that develop due to prolonged exposure to allergens may cause lung infection. When describing lung infection, most of the Hudson Valley top doctors would use a medical terminology called aspergillosis. The minute mold spores you inhale could lodge in the lungs and eventually begin to grow. It takes time before mold grows in the lungs to a ball-form, which slowly damages the lung tissues. In fact, you may never realize the lung is getting damaged until symptoms such as chills, difficulty breathing, and blood coughing occur.

Allergies are the last thing you should undermine. Even if allergic reactions affect most of your family members, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek for treatment. Ignored allergies turn out to be the worst health issues you can handle later. It all begins with identifying the allergens that trigger serious allergic reactions in your body and then discuss it with the best doctors in Norwalk. Even if you may not get a permanent treatment for the allergic condition, the doctors would advise you on the best way to control the condition.

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