Condos offer spacious accommodation at an affordable price tag

Getting a suitable accommodation in Bangkok can be a challenging task. Of course, there are several apartments that offer you spacious and comfortable accommodation. However, the prohibiting factor is the cost. Alternatively, you may look for a condominium in Bangkok, which is available at an affordable price tag.

Condo similar to an apartment:

A condominium normally called as Condo is a housing complex which is similar to an apartment both in terms of accommodation and other facilities. Further, similar to an apartment, even in a Condo you own the portion of the dwelling area that you have purchased. In short, that portion of the dwelling area exclusively belongs to you. Further, a condo also has common areas like the lift, common pathway or corridor, which do not belong to you.

You own the air space:

What makes the Condo different from an apartment is the ownership of the land on which the condo is built. The ground on which the condo is built is the exclusive property of the owner of the land, and it does not belong to you. That means, in a condo you only own the ‘air space’ of the dwelling area where you live. Therefore, if the building collapses you lose your Condo.

Ownership of equitable area:

On the contrary, in an apartment you own the equitable area of the land over which the apartment is built. Obviously, if the apartment collapses, you will be compensated for the equitable rights of the land over which you have the ownership.

Some of the other salient features of a condominium in Bangkok and other related issues are briefly explained here:

·        As you know, a condo houses several dwelling units. Obviously, you would need a person who can take care of areas of common interest like water supply, functioning of the lifts, lighting of common area like the corridor, parking lot and so on. This job is done by a welfare association of the homeowners of the particular condo.

·        Condos will have all the facilities that one would enjoy in an apartment. Condos are spacious, luxurious and are also known for superior quality construction. You find many Condos in the heart of the city. Such condos are very popular among home buyers.

·        On the other hand, Condos are known for their lower price tag as compared to apartments. As far as rental is concerned, Condos have lower rental as compared to apartments.

·        Some of the Condos and particularly those located in the heart of the city are also used for non residential purposes like offices, warehouses and so on. There are also instances of owners letting their condos either for residential or for commercial purposes.

Located in popular areas:

As a matter of fact, a condominium in Bangkok offers a wide selection in popular areas like the Pattaya, Huahin, Chiangmai, Pukhet and so on. These condos are considered to be an ideal investment because these fetch a considerable amount of rent. In fact, these condos are very popular among people of Asian region. According to leading real estate agents of Bangkok, condos located in such areas are in great demand, and naturally you can expect a higher sale price.