Five Tips for Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Whether you are out to buy or to sell in the real estate market, you obviously need someone to hold your hand. However, selecting a real estate agent can be a big problem, especially with agents exhausting every channel to display themselves to customers. The agents come as intermediaries between buyers and sellers in the real estate market. Besides, they assist any person interested in the market with viable information. In order to find the most reliable real estate agent Burwood east has to offer, the following tips are necessary.

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Engage recent clients

Before you zero in on a particular real estate agent Burwood east has to offer, you should ask them to show you a list of their recent clients. Find out whether the agent will be particularly happy or displeased to give you this information. With the list of the past clients, you can find out what the asking price was, and what price the customer finally paid.

Besides, you want an agent with adequate experience in your type of property. Therefore, ask about other properties in the same caliber as yours. For example, you can ask how long the properties stayed in the market.

Check the licensing

Licensing varies from one state to another. It is advisable to check with the state’s regulatory body so you can discover the integrity behind every agent. The information can be available on the internet. This can help you pick a reliable real estate agent in Burwood east. Issues to do with discipline often taint the image of the agents. Click here Cooper Newman Real Estate

Choose a winner

Experts advise that you engage only agents who are competent in the industry. For example, agents with a peer award such as ‘Realtor of the Year’ are often competent and committed to their objectives. Such designations are often a big endorsement for a real estate agent Burwood east has to offer.

Consider the credentials

If you thought credentials are only important in other disciplines, then you should know that they apply here as well. Just as doctors or engineers have specialties, real estate agents also have their areas of specialization. It is advisable to mark the letters after an agent’s name, as that can mean an additional title and responsibility. In your search for a certified Burwood east real estate agent, consider the following titles:

· CBS (Certified Residential Specialist): this title shows the agent has completed training and can handle the residential real estate effectively.

· ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): shows the agent has completed training on being a buyer’s representative in transactions.

· SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist): the agent specializes in assisting buyers and sellers with 50 years or older.

Consider experience

In the end, it is important to inquire from a licensing authority to know how long the agent has been in the market. An average length of experience is often five years. Agents with less than five years experience are often considered learners. Besides, you need an agent who specializes in a particular area in the real estate market. For additional information on how to find real estate agent Burwood East has to offer, try visiting